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Foreign Body in The Scalp: A Thorn in The Flesh – Case Report

Kolawole Olubunmi OGUNDIPE, Innih Asuekome KADIRI, Taopheeq Bamidele RABIU, Deborah Aanuoluwapo OLUWATUYI.

Open scalp wounds are often associated with retained foreign bodies and are poorly reported. Despite meticulous radiological evaluations, foreign bodies can still be missed. Complications such as chronic headache, scalp abscess, chronic osteomyelitis, organic personality disorder had been reported. Coupled with the potential for medicolegal concerns, retained foreign bodies in the scalp thus require critical evaluation and management. Herein we reported a case of a retained stalk of grass (foreign body) in the scalp that is complicated with scalp abscess and chronic headache and call for a high index of suspicious in the management of foreign bodies in the scalp.

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