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The Feasibility and Potential Benefits of a Two-Dimensional Amniotic Fluid Index (Afi2) In the Clinical Management of Pregnancy

Faustin D, Foladpour J, Lin Chun Sha.

This study investigates the feasibility and potential advantages of a novel two-dimensional amniotic fluid assessment method, termed AFI2, in the clinical management of pregnancy. The conventional amniotic fluid index (AFI) relies on one-dimensional measurements, potentially limiting accuracy. A total of 195 sonographic examinations were conducted on 66 unselected patients, yielding paired AFI and AFI2 measurements from 28 to 39 weeks 6 days of gestation. Results showed a modest correlation (rs=0.482, p=0.112) between AFI2 and AFI, and a limited correlation with gestational age (rs=-0.279, p=0.37 NS for AFI; rs=-0.118, p=0.712 NS for AFI2 ). The AFI2 may be particularly relevant in extreme AFV values, offering a potentially improved estimate of the AFV. Further prospective randomized studies are recommended to establish norms of AFI2 in uncomplicated singleton pregnancies during the second half of gestation. This method could enhance ultrasonographic assessment of amniotic fluid volume, approaching an ideal three-dimensional estimate.

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