American Journal of Neurology Research

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Microgravity Environments: The Physical Exercise in the Space

Dario Furnari, Nadya Khan, Melissa Delaney, Margaret Cerna, Khaled Hamlaoui, Sebastien Lagree, Amy Peace, Megan Owens, Shanee Lee Scott, Tonja Latham Gustin, Monika Milczarek, Abdulrahim Aljayar, James Stoxen, Emil Elefterov, Vladislav Melnik, Susana Sanchez, Heather Perren, Timothy Lee, Michael Cochard, Sandy Wanna, Tanya Crowle, et al.

Nice to recede a thesis, transformed into a project and then finally into a great and beautiful research. also the “American magazine Biomedical Science & Research” publishes an article of mine which is then only an abstract of a work done during my university training where through physical exercise, applied physiology and rehabilitation in particular environments such as microgravity, we can find new methods to improve the quality of life on earth, for example for all those people who suffer from osteoporosis and arthrosis but not only. Exercise is medicine and when administered appropriately it helps to improve people’s quality of life. Core, endurance, strength, neuroscience, the secrets for good longevity: heart health, brain health, muscle and joint health. Neuroscience and lagree method, besides fitness and wellness, neuro complex training. Happy to be part of this family and also to be its ambassador and researcher. also used by astronauts returning to earth.

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