International Journal of Diabetes & Metabolic Syndrome

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The Relationship of Diabetes Mellitus Risk with Well-Being, and Physical Activity among Young Adults

Dilek Öcalan*, Yeşim Ceylantekin, Zuhal Kunduracilar, Türkan Doğan

Background: The growing prevalence of diabetes mellitus poses a worldwide health risk for young adults. Objective: To investigate the risk of diabetes mellitus, well-being, and physical activity in university students. Materials and Methods: This cross-sectional study was conducted with 925 university students. Personal Information Form, Finnish Diabetes Risk Score - Type 2 Diabetes Risk Assessment Form, The Well Star Scale, and The international Physical Activity Questionnaire Short Form have been used in the study. Results: All the students were classified in a low-risk group for diabetes. Examining lifestyle behaviours among the students, 52.8% did not have regular and balanced dietary habits and 66% did not exercise regularly. In the study, increased levels of physical activity promoted overall scores for well-being. Increased physical activity decreased the risk of diabetes. Significant differences were found in terms of wellbeing, physical activity, and Finnish Diabetes Risk Score scores among students who had regular and balanced eating habits in comparison to those who did not (p<0.05). Conclusion: The students’ levels of well-being have increased, and the risk of diabetes has reduced as their physical activity levels increase. On the contrary, those who did not exercise regularly and did not have a regular dietary habit have an increased risk of diabetes mellitus. There is a need for more studies investigating diabetes risk levels and related variables in young adults

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