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Effectivness of Covalescent Plasma Therapy (CPT) for Combating COVID-19 Diseases: A Rapid of Case Series

Arjun Kumar Bhattarai, I Regmee, Shreedhar Chapagain, Rabin Gyawali, Ram Bahadur Khadka.

To study the effectivness of Covalescent Plasma therapy (CPT) for combating COVID-19 diseases we have carried out a rapid of case series studies. Various academic publication related to convalescent plasma therapy for covid 19 are studied, number of participants their result after convalscent plasma therapy and amount of antibodies level has been studied. How transfusion of convalescent plasma therapy helps to cure Covid 19 patients studies is various series as A,B,C,D ,E and F. Most of the studies show convalsecnt plasma therapy could be one of the approach to treat COVID-19 patients, until the vaccine and other better interventation come into action.

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