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Evaluation of Some Pancreatic Enzymes in Apparently Healthy Individual in a Selected Population

George Gborienemi Simeon, Prekumo Timipa.

The study evaluated the levels of Amylase; Lipase and Elastase-1 enzymes in apparently healthy individuals in a community setting. Variations in levels of these enzymes are known causes of some life threatening disorders. Amylase and Lipase were quantitated spectrophometrically while elastase-1 was evaluated using enzyme linked immunosorbent assay. Level of Amylase and Lipase were observed to be higher in children, reduces moderately at young adult and sustained to mature adult. Elaste-1 value however, show inconsistent pattern, as it was not detected in some children while adults show variable trend. Inclusion of these enzymes in our batteries of tests will enhance and strengthen diagnosis in pancreatic and related disorders.

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