Journal of Oral and Dental Care

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Influence of Dental Implants in the Elderly Age in Totally Dental Patients - Literature Review

Yanna Cunha Lima, Eduardo O. C. Farias, Thiago Quirino Mota da Silva, Túlio Garcia Margute, Paulo Fernando Alves, Andrei Rabenschlag Rossato, Igor Fonseca dos Santos, Tiago Garcia Margute.

This review is about the indication of the use of osseointegrated dental implant followed by prosthesis, as an alternative to edentulism, in order to restore better chewing, aesthetics, phonation, self-esteem and quality of life for elderly patients. Therefore, this is justified by the need for work related to the investigation and propagation of information related to the influence of implants used in the elderly. Based on this information, the objective of this study was to describe the positive points and their partial and total contraindications of its use, based on scientific articles. After analyzing the literature, it was noted that the main negative points were the need for routinely outsourced post-surgical care, both in terms of adequate food and hygiene in order to avoid post-surgical infections. However, dental implants, when performed in the proper protocol and following all hygiene care, medication and guidelines such as adequate rest after surgery, positively influence the postoperative of patients, maximizing the improvement in health, and, consequently, of the well-being of the elderly.

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