American Journal of Neurology Research

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Exploring Strategies to Reduce Falls and the Role of Simulated Presence for the Elderly Patients with Cognitive Issues in Isolation Rooms

Vivian C. Barrera, Shiela P. Arroyo, Theik Di OO, Zay Yar Aung, Savithri Sinnatamby, SC Lim.

The COVID pandemic has caused disruptions in people’s lives and presents an unprecedented challenge on the health care systems. Isolating elderly with cognitive impairment worsens functional independence, leading to falls, use of restraints, and worsening of behavioural symptoms such as agitation, superimposed delirium, depression, and health condition due to unfamiliar environment and absence of their usual caregivers. Interventions to reduce falls in isolation rooms with negative pressure were possible, despite the restrictions. Various methods to keep the patients cognitively and socially engaged using iPads showed good results with improvement in mood, reduction in agitation and improved engagement among the patients and the staff.

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