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Knowledge of Contraceptive Usage and Cultural Influence on Adoption of Family Planning Information in Cross River State

Tuku Paulina Mbua, Ofem Ubi Arikpo, Onadipe Odufunmike T.

This study investigated Knowledge of contraceptive use and cultural influence and adoption of family planning information in Cross River State. The main objectives of the study were to determine how religion influence family planning, Find out how knowledge of contraceptive use influence family planning among rural women, and how culture influences family planning among rural women. Three research questions were raised to guide the study. The study adopted a descriptive research design and a sample size of 365 rural women was drawn from 16 primary health care centers in the Northern senatorial district of cross-river state. A structured questionnaire and structural interview were used for data collection. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics and Pearson moment product. The result of the study reveals that more of the Christian rural women 60%’ participated in the study, a good number of the women have knowledge of contraceptive use, and knowledge of contraceptives has a relationship with Family planning N=365, r = .914**, p<.005, culture has a highly significant influence on family planning information of rural women N=365, r=.754**, p<.05. thus, it was concluded that more information should be given to rural women on the need for family planning and both religion and culture should be enlightened on the importance of family planning. It is recommended that more sensitization programs should be carried on in the different rural communities.

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