Esthetic Restorations Fractured Anterior Tooth Using Direct Composite Restoration: A Case Report

Hanali Abu Shilbayih

Introduction: Traumatic dental injuries are a common occurrence. Numerous treatment options are available for restoring such a tooth. Careful examination of tooth, tooth fragments and fracture line are important aspects before finalising treatment plan. Injuries such as these can cause pulpal as well as esthetic concerns and should be carefully evaluated by clinical and radiographic means. Clinical findings may range from minimal thermal and pressure sensitivity to the acute distress of a pulp exposure. Direct resin composite restorations should wherever possible be preferred due to the speed and possibility of obtaining good results.

Objective: The objective of this case report is to describe the clinical sequence for restoration of a maxillary central incisor that presented a crown fracture using an immediate insert technique for resin composite with a modification to obtain dentin layer.

Case Report: A 13years girl patient sought treatment after she fractured tooth #21. The restoration was performed with resin composite using the immediate technique.

Conclusion: The restoration of fractured anterior teeth can be performed quickly with the use of resin composites of different opacities and the use of the technique of immediate insertion proposed in this case report.