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Peer review is a fundamental step towards ensuring the standards and quality of the scientific publication.

Academic Scientific Research Journals upholds the ethical guidelines developed by COPE for the review of the manuscripts submitted for publication towards Academic Scientific Research Journals journals. For more information see COPE Ethical Guidelines for Peer Reviewers.

After the initial assessment by the Editorial Office, the Peer review process can be classified into the following steps.

Appraisal by the Editor-in-Chief (EIC)
The Editor-in-Chief accepts if the manuscript comes under the scope of the journal and is considered of interest for the readership of the journal. If not suitable the EIC could reject the article without any review.

Assignment to the Handling Editor
Each Academic Scientific Research Journals has a team of expert editorial board members from different sections of research as per the scope of the journal. The EB members will be supervising the Review process on behalf of the EIC.

Reviewer Invitations
The Handling Editor will be inviting potential reviewers that he believes would be suitable for the review of the article. The invitations are sent until a minimum of 2 reviewers are ready to provide their service for the manuscript.

Reviewer Response to Invitation
Considering the availability, conflict of interest and suitability of the research interest the reviewers accept or declines the invitation. On the decline of the invitation, the reviewer may also suggest other potential reviewers under his/her consideration

Review of article
The accepted reviewers set a time and carefully read the article several times. They may reject the articles to showcase major concerns without further consideration. In the other cases, the reviewers strictly scrutinize the manuscripts multiple times and provide a point-to-point review in his point of view, then the review comments are submitted to the Editorial office. The recommendations made may be Accept or Reject or with a suggestion requiring revision of the article to be considered.

Evaluation of reviews by Editor
The handling Editor evaluates the submitted reviews along with the supporting information and provides a final decision pertaining to the manuscript. In cases where the reviews differ widely, more reviewers are invited to provide their suggestions/recommendations.

The decision to the author
A decision regarding the manuscript is communicated to the author an email along with the review comments supporting the decision.

Further steps
If the article is accepted, it is forwarded to the production department. If the article is rejected o, sent back to the author for major or minor revision, the managing editor communicates the review comments to improve the article. For major revisions, on resubmission, the article is sent back to the reviewers for review but for a minor revision, the handling editor himself reviews the article and provides an appropriate decision.